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General Overview

About California Earthquakes
    Historic Earthquakes in Southern California:
    Recent Earthquakes in Southern California:
    Southern California ShakeMaps:
    Southern California clickable fault map:
    Landslide and Liquefaction Maps for So. California:
    1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance:

What to Do
    American Red Cross:
    California Earthquake Authority:
    California Seismic Safety Commission Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake
        Safety and Commercial Property Owner's Guide to Earthquake Safety:
    Emergency Survival Program (ESP):
    California Office of Emergency Services:
    Federal Emergency Management Agency:

Earthquake Basics
    United States Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program:
    Did You Feel It? - Report It!:
    California Geological Survey:
    Southern California Earthquake Data Center:
    Southern California Earthquake Center:

Books and Other Printed Publications

    by Bruce A. Bolt (ISBN: 0716756188)

Earthshaking Science: What We Know (and Don't Know) about Earthquakes
    by Susan Elizabeth Hough (ISBN: 0691050104)

Finding Fault in California: An Earthquake Tourist's Guide
    by Susan Elizabeth Hough (ISBN: 0878424954)

Furious Earth: The Science and Nature of Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis
    by Ellen J. Prager, Elllen Prager (Editor) (ISBN: 0071351612)

Geology Underfoot in Southern California
    by Robert P. Sharp (ISBN:0878422897)

Peace of Mind in Earthquake Country
    by Peter I. Yanev (ISBN: 0877017719)

Living with Earthquakes in California: A Survivor's Guide
    by Robert S. Yeats (ISBN: 0870714937)

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