Shelves and Tabletops

Most people tend to display their treasured collectibles and other sentimental items on shelves and mantelpieces around the home. However, if they are not secured, they can be vulnerable to breakage during an earthquake. If it's fragile and/or expensive enough to be a significant loss if it breaks, it should be secured in place.

Collectibles, china, pottery objects, and lamps can also become deadly projectiles if they're not secured in place. To stop them from falling over, use either hook and loop fasteners on the table and object, or non-damaging adhesives such as earthquake putty, clear quake gel, or microcrystalline wax to secure breakables in place.

These temporary adhesives are designed to go on the base of an object (as shown) and are removable and reusable. Loose shelving can also be held in place by putting earthquake putty on the corner brackets.

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